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Dr Elchanan Elkes chairman of the Kovno Judenrat

We are trying to steer our battered ship in furious seas, when waves of decrees and decisions threaten to drown it every day. Through my influence I succeeded, at times, in easing the verdict and in scattering some of the dark clouds that hung over our heads.

Nazi Labor Camp HASAG

Beginning in 1933, the company developed contacts with the infantry ordnance branch of the Wehrmacht High Command, and it became a regular supplier of ammunition to the infantry and the Luftwaffe.

Nazi Death Squads in Latvia

The Liepāja Actions

The first mass killing of Jews in Liepāja took place on July 3 and 4, when about 400 people were shot to death, followed by the shooting of another 300 Jews on July 8. The German group of SD and policemen did the shooting, while the members of Latvian Selbstschutz convoyed victims to the killing site.

Escape from Auschwitz!

Housed in a wooden barrack, originally designed as a horse stable and because of her skill with languages, she was employed in the camp administration as a Lauferin, whose duties were as a messenger and interpreter.
According to a fellow prisoner, “These girls had to stand next to the guardhouse waiting for orders. Whenever Camp supervisor Mandel or overseer Margot Drechsler needed them they yelled “Lauferin, and the girl had to do as ordered on the double.”      

Jewish leader Jacob Gens and the Holocaust in Lithuania!

In 1919, when Lithuania was fighting for its independence, he volunteered to serve in the Lithuanian army, and three years later In 1922 married a non-Jewish Lithuanian woman, and became the father of a daughter. Gens had hoped to transfer to the fledgling Lithuanian air force, but that branch of the armed forces only accepted bachelors. Instead he was sent to the front, joining an infantry regiment in the war against Poland, was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and won a decoration.

Images related to the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

Operation ANTHROPOID image gallery

The Jews of the Sudetenland

The Jews of the Sudetenland Bohemia & Moravia       1939 Map of Bohemia-Moravia The Sudetenland is the German name used in the first half of the 20th century for the western portions of Czechoslovakia inhabited mostly by ethnic Germans. Located on the border with Germany and Austria it encompasses the areas of Bohemia, […]

The Controversial attemp to Save Hungarian Jews! The Kastner Report!

The Kastner Report Affidavit of Dr. Rudolf Kastner, former President of the Hungarian Zionist Organization, 9/13/1945   This report has been transcribed from the original report and sworn statement made by Dr. Rudolf Kastner in London to the United States Major Judge Advocate General Warren Farr. [The photo's have been added to enhance the text] […]

Recent comments on the HolocuastResearchProject Website!   Some of the recent comments about the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team Website   Calvin Estradilla wrote:I MUST SAY THAT THE HOLOCAUSTRESEARCHPROJECT.ORG WEBSITE IS BECOMING BY FAR THE MOST RELEVANT ONLINE RESOURCE FOR EVERYTHING RELATED TO THE HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST! I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR WORK! PLEASE CONTINUE IT! […]

Jurgen Stroop! Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Jürgen Stroop   Jürgen Stroop The son of a policeman, Josef Stroop, was born on 26 September 1895 in Detmold, Germany, but he later changed his name in honour of his deceased son in 1941. During World War One Stroop served in several infantry regiments at the front and won an Iron Cross 2nd Class. […]